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The over simplified version…

Perfume is made by blending a variety of botanical extractions and synthetic aroma chemicals in alcohol. 

The real story…

Behind every perfume, there is a perfumer; an artist who paints an invisible picture with a variety of smelly materials. 

Often the perfumer is referred to as "The Nose" because in order to be a perfumer, you must have a trained nose. The perfumer has a keen knowledge of a large variety of fragrance ingredients and their smells, and is able to distinguish each one alone or in combination with others. 

Often people ask: Why is perfume so expensive? To this I say, why is art so expensive? Why is a 15 min visit to a doctor so expensive? You are not paying for the material alone, but the time it took to hone the skills to produce it. You are buying art in a bottle. 


Hello! My name is Miriam Shechet, and I am the perfumer and owner of LabHouse. I am 26 and very new to owning my own business, and I’ll admit I am still learning.

I’ll try to keep this short…
My story starts 6 years ago when I met an industrial perfumer on a
dating app and fell in love with a world of fragrance.

I was so inspired that I went back to school to get a degree in chemistry, started training my nose, worked for Procter and Gamble as a site odor coordinator, and now we are here…

I have a few perfumes to offer you, each with vivid dreams behind them. 

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