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What we are all about. How we got started. Why we do what we do.

My Introduction to Perfume

I discovered the world of perfume in late 2016

and immediately fell in love. 


The Name "LabHouse"

I built my first "laboratory" in the basement of my home in Dover, NH. The name LabHouse just came naturally...

A Signature Formulation Style

Early on I developed a characteristic formulation style. I really loved creating bombastic fragrances that make a statement. My technique is short, simple and to the point with distinct notes. LabHouse quality means loud and long lasting. 

Products Warm.png

The First Prototypes

The first bottles created. They were a start.

Moment of Truth

I introduced my perfumes to the world for the first time at Market Square Day in Portsmouth, NH in 2022. It was a hit! This was a sign that I was on the right track.


Evolving the Brand

I wanted the art on the bottles to be just as unique as the fragrance inside. I do not gender the fragrance but rely on the art to attract the right nose. 

I Outgrew the Lab

It was time for a new space to call home.

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